Filling Machine OPTIMA SMF

Portfolio Description


  • Freely programmable filling nozzle movement and filling speed for below/over or bottom-up filling
  • Hot filling possible
  • Agitator systems for preventing product separation are optional


  • 200 parameter sets can be stored in the recipe memory
  • High-precision positioning for constant filling weight/volume
  • Dosing amount adjustment: freely programmable, adjustable intake and dosing time, adjustable return suction


  • Container classification using a portioning device
  • Container classification using a rotary feeder
  • Container transport using pucks for flexible production and fast conversion
  • Centering the container for the optimal positioning of the containers below the work stations
  • Processing different container shapes


  • User-friendly, fast and primarily tool-free format change


  • Good visibility and accessibility
  • Flushing the rear area of the piston is optional
  • Compact design with low space requirement
  • Min./max. sensors for jam detection upstream and downstream of the machine
  • Products in contact with metal parts made of stainless steel and/or food-grade plastic
  • Secure and sturdy mechanical system
  • Few moving parts resulting in minimized sealing and maintenance costs


  • Hygienic design for reliable production and easy cleaning
  • Cleaning the system with liquids, no carry-over into the machine base due to the sealed, sloped machine plate
  • Parts in contact with the product that are removable and are able to be cleaned with water for thorough cleaning
  • Cleaning the product-carrying components (CIP/SIP) is optional


  • Product infeed via pressure container, pump, gravity or a customer-side system
  • Return conveyor for empty pucks
  • Conveyor chains in stainless steel or anti-static plastic are optional

Technical details

  • Output: up to 180 containers/min
  • Dosing range: up to 6,200 ml
  • Format change time: max. 20 minutes
  • Basic measurements approx. (LxWxH): 4,000 mm x 1,360 mm x 2,000 mm
  • Working stations: up to 12 Filling stations
  • Container diameter: up to 220 mm
  • Container height: up to 300 mm
  • Format range: min. 50 ml bottles
  • Format range: max. 25 l canister