Cosmetics industry

For a leading natural cosmetics manufacturer, a flexible mixing station was designed, with which two agitators, 8 containers can be operated. Thanks to the rail-mounted tripod agitators, several containers can be economically processed in the temperature control bath. Optimal safety and ergonomic factors have been taken into account. Due to the complete construction of stainless steel, the equipment can be perfectly cleaned.

Pharmaceutical industry

A 200 l dissolving unit, mobile version for pharmaceutical use. Here, special materials with proof of suitability for pharmaceutical processes (for example, plasticizer-free, etc.) were used. Compliance with GMP requirements is self-evident for Fluid Kotthoff, up to Qualification Documentation and Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT). Through our long experience, we understand the needs and requirements of our pharmacists.

Petrochemical industry

Conditions of use on the agenda. In the case study described above, 34 Fluko agitators were installed in several 100 m3 supply tanks in an African port facility. The installation of the agitators and support during commissioning were carried out by qualified Fluko personnel.

As usual in the petrochemical industry, high international safety standards are strictly adhered to for installation work.

Manufacturing industry

In the present case, for a manufacturer of fibers several different and, above all, highly viscous resin mixtures should be developed. In the case of resin systems the emptying of finished mixtures is always difficult. As a solution, a moving stirrer with a high-performance drive, wall-close section-spiral stirrer and a drum turner for complete container emptying were produced. As with many flexible stirring systems, a great deal of emphasis must be placed on operator safety. The cleanability of the agitator shaft, also a frequent problem with highly viscous products, is favored by the detachable quick-change coupling and the polished agitator surface.