Inline dispersing mixers

Inline disperser

In line machines operate according to the rotor-stator principle with high shearsnelheden. A robust construction, precision Dispersing and high efficiency guarantee an excellent end result. Easy integration with mixing tanks and pipe work provide a simple installation, even for the retrofitting of existing plants. Rotor and stator wreaths with different slot widths make it possible to adapt the machines also subsequently to optionally changed recipes. Through the use of a frequency inverter to the application range can be further increased.


Due to the close radially positioned gap between the rotor and stator and of the high peripheral speed of the rotor a very high sheargradient is reached. Through the slots between the teeth of the rotor ends up the product in the shearzone and leaves it again through the stator slots. The machine can achieve in low to medium fluid pumped independently. The multidentate geometry of the rotor and stator, which is specifically adapted to each process, will determine the mechanical forces on the product to disperse.


The product is passed through the rotor-stator system. By the inner rotor ring is accelerated up to the product, inhibited completely in the stator ring to subsequently be transmitted through the next rotor wreath again in an even higher peripheral speed. This allows the solids to shares and / or drops reduced effectively and homogeneously distributed.