Charge dispergeermengers

Batch disperser

The mixing dispersers are used where, in addition to mixing, a high shear dispersing action is desirable. The mixing disperser ensures intensive mixing of the entire batch, in micro and macro ranges, and immediately disperses the entire tank content. An extra shearfase will therefore be canceled. The mixing of the product takes place without air impact. The total tank capacity, including highly viscous products, is evenly mixed and dispersed. Agglomerates are reduced during mixing. The powder is reduced to the original particle size and wet.


The fast-running rotor together with the stator effects two differently directed fluid flows. A vertically oriented partial flow goes directly to the tank floor, is distributed there, and thus ensures a strong flow throughout the batch. A second partial stream is horizontally deflected in the head and passed through the dispersing zone of the head.

Turbulence in the head, together with a strong vertical flow in the tank form the basis for an optimal mixing result. The head works according to the rotor-stator principle, and in addition to a good mixing of the tank also ensures a reduced particle size of solids and agglomerates.


  • Time savings due to the disappearance of extra shearkrans dispersing step.
  • Short, reproducible process times when withdrawing dry substances.
  • Maintaining the quality standard through lump and dot-free solutions.
  • Small distribution of the particle spectrum in emulsions by uniform distribution of the shearing energy.
  • Insensitive to viscosity changes.
  • Savings in raw material costs due to options in different product qualities, regardless of your dispersing or wetting degree.
  • Reduction of emulsifier quantities by larger powder contact surfaces and better dispersion.
  • Complete disagglomeration and suspension.


Emulsions Small spreading of the particle spectrum, short processing times, saving of additional production steps.

Pigment suspension, Thickener solutions Complete wetting of pigments, maximum dry matter concentrations Absolutely clog-free solutions, independent of the powder feed rate.

Dilute Was Active Substances (WAS) WAS dilutions from 70% to 5 to 28% in a short time, without foaming, to the end product with the same machine (for example shampoo)

Sauces Complete wetting of powder components and simultaneous emulsification of the liquid.

Concentrates for the beverage industry, premix for ice Considerable reduction of processing times in a high-pressure homogeniser. High concentrations of dry substances are processed without problems. Applied fats (in liquid or block form) are completely emulsified.

Wax emulsions, wax dispersions Rapid processing of wax phase (blocks, granules, sheets, etc.) short homogenization times, reproducible particle spectrum.