Food Packaging

Parema Delivers High-quality packaging technologies for the food industry. Classical food innovations. Both large and for portion packs. Of it’s semi-automatic to fully automatic monoblock machines, the possibilities are endless.

Machines for thin and thick liquids

Liquid products require require specific dosing and these tailored solutions in turn proven expertise. Parema advises and provides dosing techniques with very different characteristics, which cover the entire spectrum from thin liquids to viscous media with delicate structure.

Machine types and properties

Semi and fully automatic

  • filling and sealing machines (Fill volumes of a few ml. Up to max. 25 to 24 liters in enkelkops- kopsuitvoering)
  • Monoblock machines (filling and closing to 330 st./min)
  • packaging equipment for packaging (up to 1500 pcs / min)
  • Packaging

Dosing Systems MDM (Coriolis mass flowmeters)

  • MDM (Coriolis massa flowmeters)
  • IDF (magnetic-inductive flowmeters)
  • Volume dosing

Sealing machines

  • capacity branchy 60 st./min but continuously up to 400 st./min. For, inter alia, screw, plug, push locks, stoppers, trigger and dispenser pumps with tubing
  • Processing of all common caps

Assembly Machines

  • for specific tasks, such as multi-packs ultrasonic and other welding and adhesive techniques
  • ultrasonic and other welding and adhesive techniques

operation Systems

  • bottles uitblaasinstallaties
  • Grouping of packaging
  • bets in trays and boxes
  • removal and assembly of products


  • drive by servomotors include a continuous adjustment of the processing
  • CIP systems for automatic cleaning and sterilization of the filling system
  • optimal accessibility and maximum reliability
  • High accuracy
  • also handle difficult products products

Machines for powder and granulates

The dosing of powdered foods, or resources in the form of flakes, chunks or granules, is an art. It is our business, where we combine our own experiences in an innovative way with the latest technologies. That has not gone unnoticed; Parema together with Optima Consumer for many years as a leader in this field.

In our own test facilities at Optima every product tested separately in order to achieve the best possible result for you. Maintaining quality of the product, capacity and accuracy are the three most important criteria.

A complete packaging system is first combined with a base / transport machine and a closing machine and, if desired supplemented with numerous other functions. Optima Consumer provides separate and monoblock machines as well as complete turnkey lines.


  • instant granular products, such as coffee and tea
  • powdered products such as cocoa and ready-made soups
  • granular products, such as macaroni and rice

Machine types and properties

  • laboratory equipment and pilot plants
  • semi- and fully automated stand-alone machines to complete lines
  • Monoblock machines (filling and sealing in one machine)
  • packaging facilities for portion packs
  • turnkey installations

Dosing Systems

  • volumetric and gravimetric bulk material from 100 mg to 30 kg
  • schroefdoseermachines
  • linear fillers
  • weight fillers
  • volume dosing

Filling Machines

  • semi- and fully automatic filling machines for capacities up to 400 st./min

Monobloc Machines

  • fill and close to 330 st./min

Packaging systems for portion packs

  • Capacity to 1,500 st./min, for example, for coffee pods and capsules such as Nespresso and Dolce Gusto capsules compatible.

Complete packaging lines

  • multiple handling, for example, blowing bottles, group, insert and remove, but also editing functions
  • high speed systems
  • turnkey projects