Cosmetics and Pharma

Cosmetics packaging

Cosmetics trend is sensitive. Imaginative and aesthetic packaging forms ensure higher sales. Change is the order of the day. Therefore asks the filling and packaging of these products flexible technical solutions. Also, medicines and diagnostics have an enormous diversity and require filling and packaging technologies that can be integrated into flexible installations and lines.

Machines for creams, mascara, lip gloss, and shampoo

Whether it’s liquid, paste or powder cosmetics to Parema you can go for the whole package. Filling and sealing machines in monobloc and integrated line versions to cartoning machines with high capacity. One-stop shopping! It works fast, transparent and cost effective. So you are assured of one contact.

Depending on the required flexibility, packaging quality, capacity, reliability of the machine and the afvulnauwkeurigheid, we propose a solution in consultation together that exactly meets your needs and your budget.

Machine Types and properties

  • separate machines (filling, closing, cartoning)
  • Monoblock machines (filling and closing on one machine)
  • complete lines, including turnkey
  • for stable and non-stable packagings

Dosing Systems

  • mass flowmeters
  • inductive flowmeters
  • plunger and rotatiedoseerpompen
  • time / pressure filling
  • peristaltic pumps
  • vacuum filling
  • by filling in boughs performance: up to 120 / min
  • by filling in continuous operation: up to 300 / min

Types of fasteners

  • overprint closures
  • screw cap closures
  • Seal if necessary. foil punched out
  • felssluitingen
  • PP closures
  • dispenser pumps
  • pump closures with centering of the riser
  • sealing machines in boughs performance: up to 120 / min
  • sealing machines in continuous operation: up to 350 / min

Monobloc Machines

  • Filling, assembly and connect modules on a machine basis: up to 300 / min

Cartoning machines

  • especially for cosmetic applications
  • capacity up to 250 st./min
  • inline and leaflets can automatically forward and wrapped it
  • for extremely sensitive high-gloss cardboard boxes
  • checks by means of barcode or pharma code

Turnkey properties

  • sorting and directing the package
  • clean
  • fill
  • close
  • in-line controls
  • label
  • encode
  • cartoning
  • packaging

Customer Benefits

  • quick and easy format change
  • thorough and rapid cleaning by the use of CIP systems, resulting in an increase in the total line efficiency
  • complete lines from the supply of containers to the packaging in a box – all from one source
  • filling creams without bubbles
  • highest product quality guaranteed by automatic optical and 100% in-line checkweighing
  • design according to GMP guidelines