Coffee and Tea

Coffee and Tea packing

Parema delivers high quality packaging technologies for the food industry. From classic food innovations. Both large and portion packs. Whether it be semi-automatic or fully automatic monoblock machines, the possibilities are endless.

Machines for thin and thick liquids

Liquid products require require specific dosing and these tailored solutions in turn proven expertise. Parema advises and provides dosing techniques with very different characteristics, which cover the entire spectrum from thin liquids to viscous media with delicate structure.

Machine types and properties

  • Semi and fully automatic filling and sealing machines
  • (Fill volumes of a few ml. Up to max. 25 to 24 liters in enkelkops- kopsuitvoering)
  • Monoblock machines (filling and closing to 330 st./min)
  • packaging equipment for packaging (up to 1500 pcs / min)
  • packaging

Dosing Systems

  • MDM (Coriolis mass flowmeters)
  • IDF (magnetic-inductive flowmeters)
  • Volumedoseersystemen

The supply of coffee and tea is becoming more extensive. As well as the packaging variants. In order to meet the wishes of the consumer, more and more creative small packages are being developed. These developments make new demands on the technology.

Soft pads and capsules

(Soft) pads and capsules are smaller portion packs for food, beverage and chemical products. At present, these packages are mainly used for coffee (and tea). To process them, Parema offers filling and packaging machines that are specially designed for the efficient and flexible production of small packages. The modular design of the machines they can be tailored to the characteristics and peculiarities of the various products.

The modular filling and packaging systems have many options:
– Integrated Control / Parts
– Only one control unit for all functional modules
– Function modules can be moved on a patented rail system
– Output depending on the number of jobs / tracks
– Servo-controlled dose for different products
– Individual courses can be disabled
– Integrated weighing technology
– Meerbanige and boughs execution
– Robust construction for use under difficult conditions
– Quick and easy to clean

single pouch

Pouches serve as packaging for, for example, liquids, solids, coffee, powders, sauces, pills, capsules, tablets, and paint. As well alcoholic products, glues and more.

Pouches are pouches (stand-up pouches). These pouches can be provided with a pouring so that the consumer can use metered pocket and weather can close easily. These pouches are called “spoutzakken ‘.


The stand-up pouch has an oval bottom, so it remains firm and can be well presented on the shop shelf. There are various designs are possible, including:
– Transparent window for optimal presentation of the content
– Tear Nick or lasered tear for easy opening of the bag
– Flattening Trip (zipper) to easily reclose the bag
– Pressure relief valve for inter alia roasted coffee
– Punched handle

Standup bags have many advantages. They are also for small quantities (100 pieces) easy to fill out. Moreover, they are easily be equipped with variable data, in the form of a batch number and expiry date. If desired, they come with a resealable closure or screw grip. Stand-up can even be fitted with special valves allowing air / gas but it can not free from the pouch. This is ideal for example for the packaging of roasted coffee beans.

Pouches are ideal for soups, sauces, beverages and alcoholic products, fruits (liquid and solid), chocolate, nuts, coffee, food and pet snacks, frozen foods, powders, paints, tablets and capsules.

Tea Stick Combi Stick

For this new packaging concept (stick-on-stick package) Parema provides the leading filling and packaging, including the Optima Combi Stick Maker. The technology of this machine is based on the patented design of the Combi Stick. With special vormschouders this machine produces packs of different materials, such as plastic or filter paper.

In addition to various specialty teas and assemblies the machines are also suitable for coffee specialties, spice mixes and catering products.

flexible packaging

Both the soft can and the carton can be packaging concepts with countless possibilities and business opportunities. The InlineCan Concept offers the perfect solution. These packages are ideal for lumps, grains and other composite products, such as baby powder, confectionery, snacks, muesli, cereals, coffee, cocoa and tea. These packages are easy to open and close, which is beneficial to the aroma. The machines Parema are several filling processes, packaging sizes and closures possible. This saves costs and time because these machines can be quickly adjusted and set.