Optima InlineCan packaging line


  • Filling process in protective gas for reduced oxygen contents in the packaging is optional
  • Suction nozzles or suction bell for reduced dust emergence during filling is optional
  • Filling systems coordinated to the product
  • Multi-component filling with different volumes is possible
  • Vibrating the containers under the filling positions for product compaction and optimal utilization of the container’s volume
  • Adding booklets, leaflets, spoon/spatula or give-aways possible as an option


  • 100% tare/gross weighing
  • Alternative volumetric or gravimetric positioning
  • Gross weight check
  • Identifying and adjusting for fluctuations in the bulk weight
  • High-precision positioning for constant filling weight/volume
  • Precise topping-up for small amounts for reducing the amount of product loss is optional
  • Different dosing technologies are available
  • Volumetric dosing with auger filler


  • Container or cap feed as bulk goods via fully automatic sorting and optional storage bin
  • Raising the container when filling to prevent dust accumulation
  • Container transport using pucks for flexible production and fast conversion
  • Cycled container transport
  • Very gentle processing of the containers
  • Processing different container shapes


  • Can be designed as a monobloc combination with filling and sealing modules
  • Explosion protection model is optional
  • Integrated separation for reject product and/or production patterns
  • Running direction of the machine from right to left
  • Multi-location working stations for high output
  • Min./max. Sensors for jam detection upstream and downstream of the machine
  • Modular machine design for maximum flexibility for future adaptations of products, packaging or functions
  • Products in contact with metal parts made of stainless steel and/or food-grade plastic


  • Drive via wear-free servomotors
  • Torque controlled shut-off via sliding clutch, magnetic coupling or servo
  • Precise compliance with the torque specification using the slipping clutch or permanent magnet coupling


  • Process-reliable sealing using thermal sealing, induction or ultrasound is possible
  • Processing packaging material from the stack
  • Processing packaging material from the role


  • Hygienic design for reliable production and easy cleaning


  • Simple, clearly arranged operation and graphic display of the machine status on the HMI
  • HMI that can be moved linearly for optimal machine access and flexible operation is optional
  • Optimal access due to swiveling arrangement of the HMI


  • Product infeed via pressure container, pump, gravity or a customer-side conveyor system
  • Return conveyor for empty pucks
  • Conveyor chains in stainless steel or anti-static plastic are optional

Quality Management

  • Diverse monitoring functions using sensors or camera systems for quality assurance is optional
  • Product savings through continuously monitoring the average and self-optimization
  • Quality assurance via suitable monitoring functions
  • Low-maintenance operation via mechanical cam control

Technical details

  • Output: up to 150 containers/min
  • Container width: between 40 mm and 165 mm
  • Container height: between 40 mm and 250 mm
  • Basic measurements approx. (LxWxH): 30 m x 10 m