Combi Stick

Each period has its own classics. Thus the familiar tea bag is now superseded by the ‘Combi Stick. The Combi Stick adds preserve flavor, freshness, ease of use and hygienic safety with an external stick pack packaging. Before there can be enjoyed from the tea, the stickpack packaging is removed, and only the internal filter with the tea in it is immersed in the hot water or to be able to stir to let the tea.

The Easy Pack CSM is an integrated production and packaging for the new Combi Stick with a maximum capacity of 140 units per minute. By a necessary area of approximately 2 x 2 meters, the machine is very compact, easy to operate and clean. On the basis of a patented technology, is a packaging of different materials (plastic and filter paper) is produced with a special format parts. The dosing system then ensures precise accurate filling.