Filling and closing solids in solid packing

Filling and closing solids in solid packing

Instant products in powdered or granular form is often a challenge to portioning well. In these applications, it is important to merge new technologies and techniques. Product protection, output (application) and filling accuracy are three of the most important criteria. A packing system is only complete in combination with a basic or transport machine and sealing machine may be supplemented by numerous additional functions.

Dosing and filling for soups, sauces and condiments

Soups, sauces and condiments in powdered form, sheets, lumpy or granular form are often a challenge to portioning well. In these applications, it is particularly important to add together and experience new technologies. Therefore, there are many years in this field tests carried out, in particular in the field of product protection, output (application) and filling accuracy.

Packaging for classic and innovative foods

Wholesale and portion packs Parema is your partner for dosing, filling and packaging of liquid and dry food products, from thin liquid to paste and powders, lumpy and leafy products.

Parema supplies include packaging technologies of Optima Consumer and Wolf Verpackungsmaschinen. These are based on decades of experience and convince each time anew again with innovations that set new standards in the industry. They are considered extremely reliable, accurate and powerful in the application.

With semi-automatic or fully automatic monoblock standalone machines to complete turnkey lines Optima Consumer offers solutions that are optimally adapted to the customer requirements. With this new packaging ideas and forms Parema is a proven and experienced technology partner.