In cartoning, use is made of printed cardboard for the packaging of products. This may also have been packaged items. Cartoning done both manually and automatically, as well as folding, closing or filling the box.

When carton the following solutions are possible:

Side load

A horizontal board previously automates processes such as the creation, filling and closing of pre-glued folding boxes with a maximum performance of 80 cycles / min. During the operational and synchronization process is the stable or flexible products transported by a flexible conveyor belt with trays which runs parallel to the folding-box-system in order then to be inserted smoothly. The filled folding boxes are closed and coded in accordance with the wishes of the customer Several controls ensure trouble-free operation. The container is filled from the side.

End of line

Earlier cardboard for packaging folding boxes or bags in one box. The final packer is a fully automatic solution. a set is made of the pre-packaged products, and these are mechanically brought into the open boxes. After insertion of the packing units, the flat carton is folded and glued around the products. The closed tool head are guaranteed a precise folding and gluing. In addition, the box can be encrypted.

Top load

For the erection of trays and boxes in different quality packaging materials and in different shapes. Cardboard blanks are removed by a pivot arm from the magazine and then placed in the appropriate form and further transported as tray or box. The boxes can arrive irregularly or one behind the other, are placed at the correct distance, in which first is closed, the front flap or side flap depending on the machine. Typically, the container is filled from the top.


The automation of the processes for filling and closing pre-glued boxes of all kinds of designs and qualities. The boxes are set up by a rotating system and placed in a takeout chain. After the transport, and the closing of the bottom of the box, it is filled filled by special product-specific systems. The full boxes are then closed and encrypted if necessary. Several controllers ensure efficient operation.